Firefox: Developer Friendly Browsing Tool

Firefox is one of the best tool available for web developers which equips the developer with code testing and debugging capabilities.

There are many useful firefox options and extensions that comes in handy during software development life cycle and in this article we will be listing few of useful plugins that we commonly use.

To find information related to the page that is getting displayed on the browser click Tools > Page info. This will give you permission settings of a page, security identity of the page, feed url and other page specific information like page content-type, encoding, meta tags used, cookie permission settings etc.

Web Developer extension
Added as a toolbar in firefox, this extension gives CSS related information, page information, outlines page elements, tab index, gives topographic information and many such details.
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Passing data from HTTPS to HTTP

Have you ever come across a situation when you need to pass data from HTTPS to HTTP controlled web pages? If you have, you would have come to know that the header values especially REFERER values become empty. Reason for this being that it is not secure to transfer data from a security controlled HTTPS layer to a non-secure site serving HTTP content.

This is one of the key points to remember if you are involved in integrating applications

Solution(s) to the above scenario
i) Transfer data between HTTPs layers instead
ii) pass GET data as query string values
iii) Programatically handle the session across the two sites behind the scenes either by storing a cookie or through database controllers

Some of the tools that comes handy in checking the Header Values are FireBug, Live HTTP Headers, HTTP Watch plugin

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