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Feb 01

Choosing version control system (VCS): Git vs Subversion

Last updated: February 1st, 2010


– Distributed repository system (adaptive work flow models)
– Source control taxonomy: DAG storage
– URI to git directory is where the repository is stored and it always has branches and tags
– Repository root folder contains a .git directory which maintains file history
– Scalability
– Faster, Efficient branching and merging
– License: Copyleft

Subversion (SVN)

– Centralized repository system
– Source control taxonomy: Delta storage
– URI to a subversion depository most commonly adopts /trunks, /branches and /tags directories
– Each folder maintains a .svn directory to store the file history
– Not efficient in scaling
– Not efficient in branching and merging
– License: Copyfree

Apr 09

Subversion SVN: Project organization

Last updated: April 10th, 2009

Subversion Project Organization: Intro

When organizing the repository structure for maintaining the code base, system admins adopt two basic formats for Project organization in subversion. This depends on the needs of the project and it can be varied over a period of time, depending on the scope defined for the code base. Subversion is very flexible in handling these changes and is easier to maintain than most other products in the market. (more…)

Dec 11

Subversion installation steps – Part 1 (Client installation)

Last updated: December 11th, 2008

subversionSubversion is a version control system software that is used for effective and efficient quality management of projects consisting of any number of files. It is a substantial alternative to CVS repository and has gained popularity in very short time. Subversion is used in many companies ranging from small/medium scale companies to large scale enterprises because of its ease of use compared to other available products in the market. (more…)

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