Apache server for Programmers – start, stop, restart, reload

apache webserver notes by kurinchi blogger

apache webserver notes by kurinchi blogger

If you are a beginner into Linux, there are chances that you might research on the web to see why your PERL/PHP programs do not execute.

By default Apache service is turned off and a user need to turn it on by issuing the following command with root permissions.

[root@computer ~]# /sbin/service httpd start

To stop the service, issue the command
[root@computer ~]# /sbin/service httpd stop

For restart,
[root@computer ~]# /sbin/service httpd restart

There are instances when you might need to configure a virtual host or setup an admin email or configure an IP address for the server which might direct you to edit a file called “httpd.conf” – a server configuration file. In such circumstances, you can issue the command
[root@computer ~]# /sbin/service httpd reload

To check if the Apace service is already running on Linux,
[root@computer ~]# /sbin/service httpd status
This will give a list of process id’s and the status message if the apache service is running or not.

To check the status of the Apache when the system starts, you can issue the command
[root@computer ~]# /sbin/chkconfig httpd –list
(I will be explaining on this list in my next scribble on Apache)


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