Simple ways to Disable Context Menu in Browser

How to disable context menu and hence disable Browser Back button?

In programmers life, there comes a situation where he/she had to disable the browser back button functionality or the back button feature on the context menu (the menu that appears when users right click on the browser content).

A simple way to disable Context Menu in browsers will be to use javascript as follows …

<head><title>How to disable content menu Back button?</title></head>
<body onContextMenu="javascript: return false;" >
<h1>Sample Text</h1>
<span style="font-size: 1.5em;">Check the CSS of this styling in the source file</span>

CSS related hint: I have used font size of 1.5em to emphasize on how “em” (the “M” space) can be used to increase the font size of the texts relatively.


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