Install Ruby, Rails, RadRails on CentOS, Fedora

Installing Ruby, Rails on CentOS
Installing Ruby on Rails involves using yum to first install ruby and then to install ruby docs, irba followed by rails installation.
$ yum install -y ruby
$ yum install -y ruby-devel ruby-docs ruby-ri ruby-irb ruby-rdoc
$ gem install rails –include-dependencies

To install Ruby Gems
$ wget
$ tar xvf rubygems-1.3.1.tgz
$ cd rubygems-1.3.1
$ ruby setup.rb

To install Radrails IDE
RadRails is one of the tools that can be used to develop scripting languages like Ruby, PHP. Thought it is preferred to hand code programs, knowledge of using an IDE comes in handy at times. The following steps should help you install RadRails on CentOS

$ wget

Extract the files and then you can open the RadRails by executing the command
$ ./radrails/radrails

To check if ruby, rails is installed you can check their versions numbers to ensure that it got installed.

$ ruby -v
$ rails -v

Hope this gives a good installation intro for Ruby on Rails. Hope it saved your some time


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