Virtual World: with VMWare Player

VMWare Player is a free software available from VMWare Inc. enabling the creation
of guest OS within an existing OS

Notes for a beginner …
* VMWare Player and VMWare Server are available for free
* A .vmdk file is the virtual hard drive for the guest OS
* A .nvram file stores the BIOS settings of the virtual machine
* A .vmx file stores the configuration settings for the virtual machine. All you
need is a text editor to edit the VMWare configuration settings.
* A .vmsd file stores information about VMWare snapshots.

Some links to get you started in the VMWare’s Virtual World

VMWare Player Download

.vmx creation utilities

EasyVMX (to create virtual machine settings that run on VMWare Player)

Virtual Machines using VMWare Player – Blogs

Easy to follow Blog on creating virtual machines using .iso image

Create a windows XP virtual machine

Virtual machine repository (Linux distributions)

Linux source

VMWare’s Appliances Listing (There is more to the virtual world than OS)


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