Installing Ruby and Rails on Windows

# First step, download ruby from Once downloaded click the installer to install Ruby into your desired folder (C:\Ruby). Make sure to add Ruby to your path.

# Once installed, check the version of Ruby installed by typing in

c:\> ruby –version
ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20) [i386-mingw32]

c:\> gem update –system

c:\> gem sources -a

To install Rails

c:\> gem install rails

# You may have issues with the installation which may require build tools to be installed as well. Download Development Kit from and unzip it to a folder.

c:\DevKit> ruby dk.rb init

c:\DevKit> ruby dk.rb install

c:\Devkit> devkitvars.bat

# Rails

Check the version of Rails installed

c:\> rails -v
Rails 3.2.8

Create a seaprate folder “Railsproject” for our sample application

c:\Railsproject> rails new sample

Now within Railsproject folder another folder “sample” will be created. Open the built-in webserver which Rails ships with by going inside “sample” folder and typing in

c:\Railsproject\sample&gt rails server

Now go to a web browser and type in http://localhost:3000 to open the application


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