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Wireframing is one of the most valuable phase of any application development process. Understanding requirements from customers is the key step to project success. When this process is done with a right wireframing tools such as WireframeSketcher, PowerMockUp, Gliffy (some of the tools that I experimented this year) it helps designers produce quintessential designs in short span of time and developers understand finer details of the design elements.

As a startup, I was using paper-and-pencil model for wireframe creation to take down requirements, visually portray design concepts and straighten project objectives for creating web applications. Going with the traditional method of prototyping had its own drawbacks and the four major ones are
a) flexibility to change or tweak the prototypes built in short duration
b) re-usability of the prototypes built in the past to save time
c) option to develop prototypes in online and offline mode
d) easy options to save, export prototypes in digital formats

In looking for a tool that could eliminate the above difficulties that I have had in developing prototypes, I came across wireframeSketcher – a tool that was easy to use and helped fire up cues into design parts without having to throw a sea of documents to explain user experience.

WireframeSketcher is a software that allows you to build meaningful model of how your web pages, mobile applications and desktop softwares would like with convenient and useful interface options. Fully functional FREE 14 day trial lets developers, product managers, business analysts try software features before you buy.

The Software is readily available for download via wireframesketcher.com or via Eclipse Marketplace and can work on Windows, Linux and Mac which is a major plus point for a design/development team working in multiple environments.

WireframeSketcher has two distinct themes for presenting interactive prototypes or story boards. A Sketch-mode to give a hand-sketched look & feel of the designs and a Clean-mode to present crisp layouts.

Easy to use intuitive interface and WYSIWYG editor that can get you started in less than 5 minutes. You can create “Screen” (File > New Screen) or “Story board” (File > Storyboard) using the menu options. Clean” and “Sketch” themes are available under Screen

Some of the other interesting options available in this tool are

a) extensive collection of UI controls such as input, checkbox, select, buttons, chart etc.
b) large collection of vector icons
c) flexibility to add stencils that you see can improve to your bag of assets in creating UI’s
d) smart guides and grid snap feature to help position elements quickly in the layout
e) capability to add our own images to presentation
f) ability to see the history of changes done under “Outline” option
g) easy integration with revision control tools such as Git or Subversion to keep track of changes
h) stencils to create layouts for CSS frameworks such as 960, twitter bootstrap



WireframeSketcher is definitely worth a look for any would be website builder and is a handy tool for every software developer.

To learn more about Wireframe Sketcher, wireframing, prototyping visit the links listed below




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