CakePHP: To Check if Mod_rewrite is Disabled

How to check if mod_rewrite is disabled in Apache when CakePHP is installed?
Initially when CakePHP is downloaded from sourceforge and is installed in your localhost, you can test if it is working or not by going to the respective directory in your local host http://localhost/cake.

If CSS styling is missing in the display page, then check apache server’s httpd.conf file to see if mod_rewrite module is enabled. Remove the comment symbol to enable mod_rewrite in your localhost and restart Apache server for the change to take effect
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PHP Register Globals and Security Vulnerability

Register Globals directive is turned OFF from PHP version 4.2.

PHP Global Variables
Environment variables, GET, POST, Server, Cookie variables are knows as Global Variables.

When register_globals directive is turned ON (like what most ISP’s did), you can access/set the global variables like $username, $password instead of $_POST[“username”], $_POST[“password”].
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How to configure Tomcat in Ubuntu?

Configuring Tomcat in Ubuntu with Apache server running on it

Login with the root account. Check if java is already installed on the machine. If not, first install java on ubuntu.

Web get the apache-tomcat tar file from the below location
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How to find if mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache server?

Different hosting locations have different settings for mod_rewrrite module. In some locations it is turned ON by default and for some it isn’t.

If you are hosting your application in your local host or on a dedicated server, then it is a matter of editing httpd.conf file within Apache server folder. Ensure that Continue Reading…


Setup cakePHP framework – stable version released

CakePHP commonly known as ‘Cake’ is easy to install and faster to configure. It needs Apache (with mod_rewrite enabled), Php 4.3.2 or higher, MySQL/PostgreSQL/other ODBC, ADODB compliant databases.

XAMPP by ApacheFriends or MAMP has a complete installation of the above products which is an ultimate time saver. But, you should prefer installing each software individually in order to get a grip on the subject.

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Apache Server – Where to set folders, files for hosting applications?

There will be a link in httpd.conf file stating the document root where all our web application files need to reside though there can be symbolic links pointing to other locations.

[root@user Desktop]# vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
DocumenRoot “/var/www/html”

Based on the configuration setting, we need to identify the location where we need to create folders that will serve as the root for the applications that we would want to host.


Apache server installation on CentOS, RedHat Linux

Apache web server referred to as simply Apache is a public-domain open source Web server developed by open community of developers. The application is designed to run on a wide variety of operating systems like Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2. Visit http://www.apache.org for more details.

In your terminal, issue the following command (by default, httpd is installed). This will install apache if it was not installed. Continue Reading…


Subversion installation steps – Part 1 (Client installation)

subversionSubversion is a version control system software that is used for effective and efficient quality management of projects consisting of any number of files. It is a substantial alternative to CVS repository and has gained popularity in very short time. Subversion is used in many companies ranging from small/medium scale companies to large scale enterprises because of its ease of use compared to other available products in the market. Continue Reading…


.htaccess – gzip output content

GZIP compression is used for compressing the content of the web pages by the server before the content (text & images) get passed to the browser. The browser takes this input and decompresses the content before delivering it to site users.

Compressing the content of the pages makes the page size small which in turn will have a positive & significant impact on the page loading. There is a misconception that the larger bandwidth availability or lesser file size is what is needed for faster page loading, which is not. Continue Reading…


Apache server for Programmers – start, stop, restart, reload

apache webserver notes by kurinchi blogger

apache webserver notes by kurinchi blogger

If you are a beginner into Linux, there are chances that you might research on the web to see why your PERL/PHP programs do not execute.

By default Apache service is turned off and a user need to turn it on by issuing the following command with root permissions. Continue Reading…

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