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Git: How to add an untracked file back to the repository?

If you want to add certain files that was previously removed from Git repository, follow the steps given below.

STEP 1: remove the file reference in .gitignore

STEP 2: remove the cached reference from git.

$ git rm –cached sampleconfig.txt
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Git: How to make a file not to be tracked in future commits?

As a developer, you may come across scenarios when you think that certain SPECIAL files should not be tracked in Git commits.

As the first step, commit all changes in your repository and then add those SPECIAL files to .gitignore

To remove a file (not delete) from getting tracked in your Git repository use:

$ git rm –cached sampleconfig.txt

To remove all files that is referenced in your .gitignore use:

$ git rm -r –cached .
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How to move the atom editor installable file to a different location?

When Atom editor is installed, it creates a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin folder. Get the new folder path where atom editor installable file resides and run the following command in the terminal

$ ln -s /NewFolder/ /usr/local/bin/atom

If a link is already created for the atom editor, then you need to remove the existing symbolic link before creating a new one

$ unlink AtomSymbolicLink (OR)

$ rm AtomSymbolicLink


PostgreSQL: Create database, connect and list (command line)

Changing host configuration
$ vi /var/lib/pgsql/8.4/data/pg_hba.conf

Add postgresql to startup process
$ chkconfig postgresql-8.4 on

Start postgresql service
$ service postgresql-8.4 start

Access postgresql
$ su – postgresql
$ psql

Create database
postgres-# create database test

List databases
postgres-# \list

Exit postgresql
postgres-# \q (or \quit)

Connect to database
postgres-# \c test (\connect test)


How to install PostgreSQL on CentOS Linux?

First lets do an update before we start installing PostgreSQL

$ yum update

You can install PostgreSQL from CentOS Base repo or can do a search for the latest version and install it based on your needs. Method 1 describes manual setup and Method 2 indicates an install from CentOS base repo Continue Reading…


MySQL GUI tool for Data Management

HeidiSQL – a comprehensive tool for MySQL management which is available for Free.

Manage data tables, export/import databases, synchronise tables between databases, integrity check, database backup service management, edit database content and many more features packaged as a solution for ALL your MySQL needs.

This runs on windows platforms – WinXP/XP7 and you can download HeidiSQL from Download link
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CentOS Multimedia Flash MPlayer installation steps

One of the clean and easy installation steps can be found at

I have added this in the blog to help a newbie land in a page that is easy to follow. The steps cover

i) Adding rpmforge
ii) Adding adobe repo
iii) Installation command to install libraries, flash plugin and other streaming medias
iv) MPlayer codec installation


Virtual World: with VMWare Player

VMWare Player is a free software available from VMWare Inc. enabling the creation
of guest OS within an existing OS

Notes for a beginner …
* VMWare Player and VMWare Server are available for free
* A .vmdk file is the virtual hard drive for the guest OS
* A .nvram file stores the BIOS settings of the virtual machine
* A .vmx file stores the configuration settings for the virtual machine. All you
need is a text editor to edit the VMWare configuration settings.
* A .vmsd file stores information about VMWare snapshots.
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