MD5 CheckSum, SHA1 CheckSum, PGP Verification

In order to ensure that the files that are downloaded from a site has been saved in its entirety and to give the added security that no intruders have modified the content of the files, various techniques have been used by source providers like MD5 checksum, SHA1 checksum, PGP verification. To explain how MD5 checksum, SHA1 checksum or PGP verification of the files happen, I will go ahead by explaining the steps by using a copy of openSSL program. Continue Reading…

Free Cryptography Tools

Following are the listing of tools that can be used for various purposes in Linux, Windows environments and those which are available FREE of cost for downloads. This is the first compilation and will continue to grow as time progresses. Continue Reading…

Cryptography – Being Secured

What is cryptography?
Cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information. In modern times cryptography is considered a branch of both mathematics and computer science and is affiliated closely with information theory, computer security and engineering. – from Wikipedia. Continue Reading…

Subversion SVN: Project organization

Subversion Project Organization: Intro

When organizing the repository structure for maintaining the code base, system admins adopt two basic formats for Project organization in subversion. This depends on the needs of the project and it can be varied over a period of time, depending on the scope defined for the code base. Subversion is very flexible in handling these changes and is easier to maintain than most other products in the market. Continue Reading…

Box model bug in IE, Firefox

Box model bug in IE, Firefox

Display the below versions of the file in IE, Firefox and check the difference in display. Note the css styling used in Sample A and Sample B HTML coding.

When defining the width of the “div” layer it is essential that you need to consider the padding, margin, border size given to each element. As different browser versions have different ways of interpreting these values we need to cascade the width from the parent element to child layer if we were destined to use width for restricting the boundary of the element. Continue Reading…

Nagios nrpe host server and client on CentOS, Ubuntu

Configuring server host to respond to nagios host (monitor remote services) – CentOS

Download nagios plugin and nagios-nrpe plugin in the server host (client that talks with nagios host) from nagios website. The files comes as .tar files and you need to configure them for their use. Move the files to /usr/src Continue Reading…

Transfer larger files in email – zip, split, unzip

How to transfer mysql backup files across network or emails?

Say for example, you generate a mysql dump called “mysql.dump” from your database the size of which is beyond the file transferable limit of your email account. The following steps will help you in making the file transfer possible Continue Reading…

Cufon: Stylish pages through font variation

Cufon: Alternative to sIFR

To generate the scripts, you can choose to do that from the cufon site

or, download a copy of the script from github and install it in your local computer

If you download the files, then you need to untar the files and create your local site. If fontforge is not installed, you need to install it in your machine before you can proceed with generating the cufon script for the font and make the necessary changes in generate/settings.ini file. Continue Reading…

CentOS PHP 5.1.6 to PHP 5.2

Follow the steps stated in the following blog for *easy* upgrade of PHP 5.1.6 to PHP 5.2

YUI Compressor to compress css javascript

Download the YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Compressor which compresses javascript and css files hence making the file size smaller and execution speed faster.

Download location:

It is very simple to use this application to compress the files. All you need to have is a java installation in your machine. Continue Reading…

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