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1997 – PHP/FI 2 solely handled by Rasmus

1998 – Zeev and Andi teamed up with Rasmus to give a new face to PHP by rewriting the core engine and a facility to interface with different technologies using API giving rise to the next version PHP 3. PHP 3 continuously parsed the scripts when they were getting executed. Continue Reading…

windows command prompt mysql start stop

To start MySQL service from Windows command prompt

c:\mysql\bin> net start mysql

To stop MySQL service from Windows command prompt

c:\mysql\bin> net stop mysql

Nagios – a Windows, Linux, Unix network monitoring tool

What is Nagios?

Nagios is a network monitoring tool which helps you identify problems in your network and fix them helping you offer extensive support.nagios-whitebg-212x50

It is used to monitor both Windows and Linux/Unix based networks in addition to monitoring the web services, NNTP, POP, PING, processor load, disk usage, applications, switches, routers, firewalls, print services that run on it and the list extends. Continue Reading…

What is the difference between a Cookie and a Session?

cookie is a text file that is stored on the client in name => value pairs to identify subsequent requests from the client by the server. Max. size of cookie file is 4k and it is stored on the client’s hard disk. Cookies are used as a mechanism to establish state and to track user behavior. Continue Reading…

How to find if mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache server?

Different hosting locations have different settings for mod_rewrrite module. In some locations it is turned ON by default and for some it isn’t.

If you are hosting your application in your local host or on a dedicated server, then it is a matter of editing httpd.conf file within Apache server folder. Ensure that Continue Reading…

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL – Comparison

There had often been talks and some times flame wars when there had been comparison between MySQL and PostgreSQL. Each database has its own strength and weaknesses. As an initiative, I thought to do a little research on this topic and to list down the common points gathered in a tabular format. Continue Reading…

Setup cakePHP framework – stable version released

CakePHP commonly known as ‘Cake’ is easy to install and faster to configure. It needs Apache (with mod_rewrite enabled), Php 4.3.2 or higher, MySQL/PostgreSQL/other ODBC, ADODB compliant databases.

XAMPP by ApacheFriends or MAMP has a complete installation of the above products which is an ultimate time saver. But, you should prefer installing each software individually in order to get a grip on the subject.

You can download the latest release from Continue Reading…

How to run Unix commands in windows?

A programmer may face acute conditions when working on PHP/MySQL on windows platform where he/she needs to configure certain settings or fine tune parameters or set permissions which involve usage of unix commands.

For e.g. if you had a chance working with CakePHP framework or configuring it on windows, you might have come across this situation.

Now, Windows users have the possibility to run unix commands by installing a command-line interface (CLI) such as Cygwin ( or MinGW ( to lauch the CLI on windows environment.

MySQL database optimisation series – Right MySQL Data type

Numeric Data type in MySQL

Choosing the right data type can create significant improvement in application performance.

Many programmers/developers who opt to choose MySQL as the backend for their operations often fail miserably in choosing the most efficient data types. Continue Reading…

phpMyAdmin – visual interface for MySQL on Windows/Linux

phpMyAdmin is a web based interface to MySQL which is written using PHP for Administration of databases. Visual interface provided is intuitive and it saves time for the developers. (ver 3.1.1 is the recommended version as of this writing which runs on PHP 5/MySQL 5)

Step 1: First we need to check MySQL is installed by issuing the following command
[root@user Desktop]# which mysql

If you get …
then, it is an indication that MySQL is installed in your machine. Continue Reading…

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