Git: How to add an untracked file back to the repository?

If you want to add certain files that was previously removed from Git repository, follow the steps given below.

STEP 1: remove the file reference in .gitignore

STEP 2: remove the cached reference from git.

$ git rm –cached sampleconfig.txt
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Git: How to make a file not to be tracked in future commits?

As a developer, you may come across scenarios when you think that certain SPECIAL files should not be tracked in Git commits.

As the first step, commit all changes in your repository and then add those SPECIAL files to .gitignore

To remove a file (not delete) from getting tracked in your Git repository use:

$ git rm –cached sampleconfig.txt

To remove all files that is referenced in your .gitignore use:

$ git rm -r –cached .
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Git: Reset local branch to make it the same as remote branch master

Go to your local repository in bash

$ git fetch origin

$ git reset –hard origin/master

To clean and remove untracked files and directories

$ git clean -fdx


Git: How to reset Develop branch to be in sync with Master branch?

First checkout Develop branch

$ git checkout dev

Then, reset it to Master branch
$ git reset –hard master

Make sure to push the changes by force to make origin/dev to be the same as origin/master
$ git push –force origin develop


Git error: src refspec master does not match any

Point 1) Check if you have followed the below sequence of steps when setting up git in your local workstation

$ git init

$ git add .

$ git commit -am “name of the commit”

$ git remote add origin

$ git push -u origin master

Point 2) Check if .git/config file has the following parameters in it

[branch “master”]

remote = origin

merge = refs/heads/master


Git: error: RPC failed; curl 55 SSL_write() returned SYSCALL,

Git uses “Transfer-encoding” in POST requests and some proxy servers do not support this encoding by default. When large files are pushed, the git client requires higher http.postBuffer setting.

Increase the buffer size to see if the issue is related to it.

$ git config –global http.postBuffer 134217728


Git: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

You get this message when the system is behind a firewall and when the security certificates are blocked.

There are two ways to overcome this message and to enable a git pull or git clone.

i) Issue the below command from git bash

$ git config –global http.sslVerify false


ii) Add http block in “gitconfig” file to avoid ssl verification

[http] sslVerify = false
sslCAinfo = /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt


Choosing version control system (VCS): Git vs Subversion


– Distributed repository system (adaptive work flow models)
– Source control taxonomy: DAG storage
– URI to git directory is where the repository is stored and it always has branches and tags
– Repository root folder contains a .git directory which maintains file history
– Scalability
– Faster, Efficient branching and merging
– License: Copyleft

Subversion (SVN)

– Centralized repository system
– Source control taxonomy: Delta storage
– URI to a subversion depository most commonly adopts /trunks, /branches and /tags directories
– Each folder maintains a .svn directory to store the file history
– Not efficient in scaling
– Not efficient in branching and merging
– License: Copyfree


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