Git: error: RPC failed; curl 55 SSL_write() returned SYSCALL,

Git uses “Transfer-encoding” in POST requests and some proxy servers do not support this encoding by default. When large files are pushed, the git client requires higher http.postBuffer setting.

Increase the buffer size to see if the issue is related to it.

$ git config –global http.postBuffer 134217728


Netbeans: HTTP Status 404 – There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name

i) Check where struts.xml is defined – Path where the file exists. In netbeans, easy way to do this to add the struts.xml file to package folder.

ii) Check if the correct namespace is added in the struts.xml

iii) Check if the package name is given correctly for the class in execution.


HTTP-Header: User-agent modification

When a browser makes a request to the server, it sends information such as its operating system name, version in addition to the type of the browser from which the request originates in the header variable “user-agent”.

Depending on the request made, server responds back with specific details which can range from browser specific css layout to calling certain javascriptsfor certain browsers.

Changing the user-agent also helps us in understanding how spider-agents or bots will see the pages that we build. It also helps us design applications that will mimic a request as originating from a mobile phone and helps us in viewing the behavior of the application in different mobile clients.

To read more about HTTP-Headers check ietf


World Wide Web Get – wget

Grab entire website content with “wget”

The web get feature “wget” enables a user to grab the entire content of the website. There may be situations where your may have difficulty in getting the source code from your software vendor, or may not have access details to certain location in which case “Wget” comes in handy. This feature is available for win32 platform as well. Work around for this is for the user to install cygwin to run the “wget” command Continue Reading…

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