Python PIP install: Insecure platform warning

Normally, installing a python module and its dependencies is done via Pip. If HTTPS is blocked in private networks, then things might get tricky and you get the following message.

InsecurePlatformWarning: A true SSLContext object is not available. This prevents urllib3 from configuring SSL appropriately and may cause certain SSL connections to fail.

To bypass this, you can issue the below command to trust

$ pip install –trusted-host Flask

To make sure that the needed module is installed, check it by

$ pip freeze


SSL: Points to consider before choosing the right certificate

Points to consider before choosing the SSL certificate

i) Strength of the encryption offered by the certificates

ii) Browser comptability or recognition of the certificates. A well known brand is recognized by most of the browsers in the market

iii) If the certificate offers backward comptability across browsers offering

iv) Whether the Certification Authority (CA) is a Trusted Root or if they use a Chained Root Certificates.

v) Which web server will be used for SSL installation. Chained root certificates may be little complicated on some web servers.

vi) Nature of the application that will be served over the SSL – depending on the volume of the transactions and the value of each transaction

vii) Warranty offered by the certificate (if that matters which most certainly is when it comes to ECommerce products)


World Wide Web Get – wget

Grab entire website content with “wget”

The web get feature “wget” enables a user to grab the entire content of the website. There may be situations where your may have difficulty in getting the source code from your software vendor, or may not have access details to certain location in which case “Wget” comes in handy. This feature is available for win32 platform as well. Work around for this is for the user to install cygwin to run the “wget” command Continue Reading…

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