PEAR setup in WAMP in simple steps

* After WAMP is installed go to the folder where the web server related PHP bin directory is present. Search for the batch file pear.bat in it. Double click the file to start the PEAR installation. Go with the defaults and complete the installation

* Search for PEAR_ENV.reg. Double click that file to register the PEAR settings as environment variable

* Go to the command prompt and type “pear list” to see what packages are installed and if PEAR is correctly installed. If PEAR cannot be accessed via the command line, it means the PATH setting is not set correctly. Environment PATH variable should include the path to where pear.bat is present


How to install PHPSECLIB on a WAMP environment with PEAR setup?

PEAR should be already installed in the system before configuring the phpseclib channel.

PHPSecLib installation is very simple.

PHPSecLib is a library of optional PHP extensions which comes in handy if the application were to be packaged as a solution for deployment to the end user.

Step 1: Register the channel

c:\> pear channel-discover
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How to include PEAR libraries with CakePHP?

Suggested solutions from other sites:
1) Modify /config/paths.php
2) Create separate php.ini settings file with the path to PEAR library
3) Modify the app_controller.php with the PEAR path settings

My preference is to add the PEAR library to the “vendors” folder and to modify the app_controller to have the PEAR path included through it.

if( file_exists(VENDORS.’Pear’)){
ini_set(‘include_path’, ini_get(‘include_path’) . PATH_SEPARATOR . PEAR);

Above solution suggested at CakePHP’s trac

Depending on the library that you want to get included in the programs, add the library to the respective view

App::import(‘vendor’, ‘XML_Feed_Parser’, array(‘file’ => ‘../vendors/pear/XML/Feed/Parser.php’));


PHP: What is PEAR?

PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository.

To learn more about the PEAR library click here

If you are beginner, the following link will help you tread with the library usage PEAR Manual

Installation instructions clearly walks through the steps for PEAR configuration. There may be cases where you may want to use PEAR libraries for specific projects only in which case you can install PEAR library for that specific purpose. To use it in projects, PEAR path should be set in php.ini settings or should be included in the project configuration’s physical path.

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