Wireframesketcher – Tool for prototyping

Wireframing is one of the most valuable phase of any application development process. Understanding requirements from customers is the key step to project success. When this process is done with a right wireframing tools such as WireframeSketcher, PowerMockUp, Gliffy (some of the tools that I experimented this year) it helps designers produce quintessential designs in short span of time and developers understand finer details of the design elements.

As a startup, I was using paper-and-pencil model for wireframe creation to take down requirements, visually portray design concepts and straighten project objectives for creating web applications. Going with the traditional method of prototyping had its own drawbacks and the four major ones are
a) flexibility to change or tweak the prototypes built in short duration
b) re-usability of the prototypes built in the past to save time
c) option to develop prototypes in online and offline mode
d) easy options to save, export prototypes in digital formats
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Javascript code organization for optimized performance

Knowing how javascript code gets executed in a browser will help us organize the libraries or functions for better performance.

Javascript unlike the server side scripting languages like PHP, ASP, Perl is not compiled at the server side. It is sent as-is from the server to the browser client and it is the browser that interprets the code at the client side.

The total size of the Javascript code and its organization will have a significant effect on the pages served at the client side which in turn will affect the performance of the page.

Organize the libraries in such a fashion that you only have the needed functions associated with the page. You can consider this point right at the time of creating your template pages. This will reduce the number of javascript pages that are called from one page. Continue Reading…

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